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Singing the praises of echinacea 3:18 PM

Two weeks ago I had the privilege of attending a performance by one of the new artists I am working with. Earlier that day we had spent four hours in Temecula doing a photo shoot with her in the cool December weather, which started to take its toll on her voice by 9 p.m. when she was set to perform. I gave her a few shots of the Nutrilite® Triple Guard Echinacea – Spray that I always carry in my purse. She ended up doing a fabulous job vocally and her congestion that had started to affect her voice was unnoticeable.
I had another experience just yesterday when I was in her producer's studio with another artist (my lovely daughter), who still had traces of cold but was having to record a song with big vocals. So I once again dug in my purse and whipped out the Nutrilite® Triple Guard Echinacea – Spray. The producer decided he'd give it a try to see what it tasted like and proclaimed, "It feels like a forrest in my mouth!" We chuckled and as I left at 3:30 p.m. he ordered two sprays to keep in his studio. As I left I thought good deal..made a sale...then made a mental note to get some extras and leave them in his studio in case any of his other artists wanted to purchase them.
Much to my surprise the producer called 6 hours later and sang the praises of the product,"Hey that stuff you gave me, it's awesome. I had to sing tonight with one of the bands and I was hittin' notes I haven't hit in years!" He then said he had called to ask me to order extras to have available in the studio for his artists to purchase.
Well he was still singing its praises today when he gave me an order for another one of his art
Of course in addition to helping these artists belt out musical "forrests," its primary purpose is immunity boosting benefits, which we all need especially in the winter.


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