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By the waters edge 5:06 PM

I used to live in a home that was across the street from lakefront homes and I could view the water over their rooftops, but my perspective wasn't the same as it is now that I am living at the waters edge. Since I recently moved to a waterfront property I was asked by a friend of mine to explain what is special about being by the water.

There is a peace that comes over me when I look out my window or sit on my deck or dock. I am made keenly aware of nature and its beauty. The water is always alive with activity and intriguing to me. It's food for my soul!
Watching a mama duck with her babies swimming closely behind her in a tidy row makes the mom in me smile. I cheer inside when the father duck protects his family and scolds other ducks who venture too near. Then there's the crane that likes to observe the water while perched on our canoe seat, which always brings a smile to my face - as long as he leaves the seat clean! My grandchildren and I watch in fascination as baby fish school near the shore ready to suck in any unsuspecting mosquitos.
When I know the grandkids are coming I always save my old bread, just to hear the excitement in their voices as they feed the ducks. They also enjoy the sport of fishing and started when they were about 4 years old. They get so much joy out of catching ANY size fish no matter how small - of course they catch and release! Their experience and what they learn at the waters edge about the science of nature, patience, perseverance, preserving the environment and treating animals with kindness will have a greater impact on their lives than any textbook.
By being this close to nature my family and I have become more aware of our own impact on the world and why its important to keep our waters free from litter and chemicals that can damage the delicate balance of natures ecosystems.
Not everyone is as fortunate and blessed as I am to be able to "Fizzle the Frazzle" every day and enjoy the beauty, relaxation and soul food that living by the water offers, so if you get a chance take a trip to a local pond, ocean or lake and let the water feed YOUR soul so you too can be Unfrazzled!

Singing the praises of echinacea 3:18 PM

Two weeks ago I had the privilege of attending a performance by one of the new artists I am working with. Earlier that day we had spent four hours in Temecula doing a photo shoot with her in the cool December weather, which started to take its toll on her voice by 9 p.m. when she was set to perform. I gave her a few shots of the Nutrilite® Triple Guard Echinacea – Spray that I always carry in my purse. She ended up doing a fabulous job vocally and her congestion that had started to affect her voice was unnoticeable.
I had another experience just yesterday when I was in her producer's studio with another artist (my lovely daughter), who still had traces of cold but was having to record a song with big vocals. So I once again dug in my purse and whipped out the Nutrilite® Triple Guard Echinacea – Spray. The producer decided he'd give it a try to see what it tasted like and proclaimed, "It feels like a forrest in my mouth!" We chuckled and as I left at 3:30 p.m. he ordered two sprays to keep in his studio. As I left I thought good deal..made a sale...then made a mental note to get some extras and leave them in his studio in case any of his other artists wanted to purchase them.
Much to my surprise the producer called 6 hours later and sang the praises of the product,"Hey that stuff you gave me, it's awesome. I had to sing tonight with one of the bands and I was hittin' notes I haven't hit in years!" He then said he had called to ask me to order extras to have available in the studio for his artists to purchase.
Well he was still singing its praises today when he gave me an order for another one of his art
Of course in addition to helping these artists belt out musical "forrests," its primary purpose is immunity boosting benefits, which we all need especially in the winter.

Happy Unfrazzled New Year! 7:10 PM

There's no better time than January 1 to make a resolution to be Unfrazzled. Fizzle the Frazzle from 2008...close the door...and enter into a new adventure... the year 2009!
We can choose to enter 2009 with trepidation or with enthusiasm...but one thing is for certain, it WILL be a year of change for most people. But then again isn't every year?
Who knows where each of us will be in our lives when we close the door on 2009? It's that dash between 2009-2010 where we will make choices and decisions about our attitude, our time, our resources and those we will bless! Make your dash count in 2009 and Happy Unfrazzled New Year!

Blessed and thankful 8:32 AM

As much as we may try to deny it, what makes us most frazzled are our own thoughts. How we view life and its variety of situations that occur on a daily basis will determine whether we travel down the path to frazzled, or whether we travel down the unfrazzled path...and that path is in our minds. We cannot control the world around us and what other people do but we can choose our thoughts and our reactions.

One way to channel thoughts down the unfrazzled path is to take the time to focus on the blessings in your life and the things you are thankful don't have to wait and do it once a year on Thanksgiving Day! No matter what life situation you find yourself in, there will always be something that is good that you can find to focus on. If you are having trouble finding it in the current moment look to your past or your hope in the future.
Some areas to explore for thankfulness: childhood, parents, grandparents, extended family, friendships, relationships, siblings, shelter, weather, job, education, opportunity, children, grandchildren, country, abilities, health, finances, investments, dreams and goals.
Taking your eyes off your worries and focusing on what you are grateful for will lead you down the unfrazzled path...which is just another thing to be grateful for.

Unfrazzled Artists 7:54 AM

I have the philosophy that talented people should work in their strengths and if someone is trying to launch their career as a singer, dancer, performer, artist or business professional, their strength most likely isn't in promoting themselves. There is a lot of time and effort that goes into creating an image. Take singers for example...when a talented singer/songwriter is ready to emerge into the marketplace there are a number of things that need to occur so they can be presented to the music industry as a professional such as photo shoots for CD covers and inserts, promotional materials, head shots, biographies. They also want to look their best and may need hair wardrobe and make-up services to prepare for a shoot. When it comes time to put together their demo CD or a CD that they can sell at gigs, graphics need to be created for the cover, insert, back and the CD itself. The CD's then need to be duped and packaged. If they perform in a venue posters and other promotional materials need to be created. All these steps can be stressful not to mention they take the artist away from their "fizzle the frazzle" stay focused on your strengths and be an Unfrazzled Artist.

Sizzlin Summers 8:24 PM

School is's time for mom's to take a deep sigh of relief, a time for commuters to enjoy lighter traffic and the time of year when the words, "I'm bored" echo across the country. It's also the time of year that temperatures and humidity take a toll on our bodies. Don't forget to drink enough fluids to counteract what is lost through normal body functions and sweating. I hear the brain is made up of 80% I'm gonna be sure to drink perfect water and stay hydrated! How 'bout you?