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By the waters edge 5:06 PM

I used to live in a home that was across the street from lakefront homes and I could view the water over their rooftops, but my perspective wasn't the same as it is now that I am living at the waters edge. Since I recently moved to a waterfront property I was asked by a friend of mine to explain what is special about being by the water.

There is a peace that comes over me when I look out my window or sit on my deck or dock. I am made keenly aware of nature and its beauty. The water is always alive with activity and intriguing to me. It's food for my soul!
Watching a mama duck with her babies swimming closely behind her in a tidy row makes the mom in me smile. I cheer inside when the father duck protects his family and scolds other ducks who venture too near. Then there's the crane that likes to observe the water while perched on our canoe seat, which always brings a smile to my face - as long as he leaves the seat clean! My grandchildren and I watch in fascination as baby fish school near the shore ready to suck in any unsuspecting mosquitos.
When I know the grandkids are coming I always save my old bread, just to hear the excitement in their voices as they feed the ducks. They also enjoy the sport of fishing and started when they were about 4 years old. They get so much joy out of catching ANY size fish no matter how small - of course they catch and release! Their experience and what they learn at the waters edge about the science of nature, patience, perseverance, preserving the environment and treating animals with kindness will have a greater impact on their lives than any textbook.
By being this close to nature my family and I have become more aware of our own impact on the world and why its important to keep our waters free from litter and chemicals that can damage the delicate balance of natures ecosystems.
Not everyone is as fortunate and blessed as I am to be able to "Fizzle the Frazzle" every day and enjoy the beauty, relaxation and soul food that living by the water offers, so if you get a chance take a trip to a local pond, ocean or lake and let the water feed YOUR soul so you too can be Unfrazzled!


Ross Hall said...

Wow.. from the ducks to the "damage" you brought me right there on your lake property. Thanks you for expressing yourself, loving your environment, your husband, your being...Your friend..Ross

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