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Unfrazzled Artists 7:54 AM

I have the philosophy that talented people should work in their strengths and if someone is trying to launch their career as a singer, dancer, performer, artist or business professional, their strength most likely isn't in promoting themselves. There is a lot of time and effort that goes into creating an image. Take singers for example...when a talented singer/songwriter is ready to emerge into the marketplace there are a number of things that need to occur so they can be presented to the music industry as a professional such as photo shoots for CD covers and inserts, promotional materials, head shots, biographies. They also want to look their best and may need hair wardrobe and make-up services to prepare for a shoot. When it comes time to put together their demo CD or a CD that they can sell at gigs, graphics need to be created for the cover, insert, back and the CD itself. The CD's then need to be duped and packaged. If they perform in a venue posters and other promotional materials need to be created. All these steps can be stressful not to mention they take the artist away from their "fizzle the frazzle" stay focused on your strengths and be an Unfrazzled Artist.


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